We Do Not Die.

I found that out one day many years ago. Don’t ask me how, but then I knew through and through, without the slightest doubt, that what Silo says is true: “Death is the biggest illusion there is.”

But we live in a world of illusions, and even though the  blissful aftertaste of “the Place where we Do Not Die” still lingers on my inner tongue, the thought of losing any part of this life – especially my loved ones or my own dear body – still gives me pause.

Which is why this podcast is dedicated to Rebelling Against Death.

A word about the “episodes”:

At first I wanted to do this the right way. So I stuck to a schedule, pushing myself to produce a serious, reasonably lengthy, many-layered episode every month. That was exciting and not a little overwhelming – until the day it occurred to me, as I was rushing to meet my self-imposed deadline for number 4, that there’s a reason it’s called a “deadline.” If I want to rebel against death, why on earth am I worrying about schedules? 

That was when, with an enormous sigh of relief, I stopped trying to meet any deadline, and started dishing out episodes and “mini-episodes” at random, whenever I got the urge to record something I love – from songs and poems, to interviews with fellow death rebels, to readings from the works of Silo…