A Deeper Life

for all my loves


Dear one, 

neither of us

is ready

to say goodbye,

gone all possibility 

of touching 

one to one

through this 

our delicate



But if it’s you

who takes the lead 

you’ll find me 

at your side


to remind us both

of the truth

we know 

full well 

way down deep 



That Destiny 

holds the thread

of every life 


and only She 

can see

around the bend

to where 

our One Life leads

and never ends


Perhaps today, 

perhaps tomorrow

will come our time 

of momentary sorrow

but I’ll say again 

what I’ve said

from the start:


That we – 

oh love

oh flame, 

oh star –

can never 

truly be apart


For every one of us

will one day shed 

this thin disguise

to put on 


the deathless 

shining beauty

of a deeper life.


(both inner and outer)

about getting old


There you sit


your fumbled face aglow

You know you won’t win

any more beauty contests

if you ever did

but nothing outward 

matters now

Because you and I live 

where the Music 



From here 

our heart 

sends its bright streamers 

to the sky

while we lie at ease


that we made 

such a mess

of so many things


Because now we know

that deep inside

is where 

the Love Light hides

the place where all,

all, all

is well

and no one

ever wants

for anything.

Two Poems for My Friends
Trudi Lee Richards

Trudi Lee Richards

Trudi Lee Richards, one of the poet-bards of Silo’s Message, is the author of "Ambrosia," "Confessions of Olivia"; "On Wings of Intent, a biography of Silo"; "Soft Brushes with Death"; and "Experiences on the Threshold." Exactly two of her poems have ever been published: "Fairies of the Forest," which appeared in the Palo Alto Times "Youth Said It" column in 1957, and "The Great 21st Century Poemic," which appeared in the April 2021 edition of Global Poemic (globalpoemic.wordpress.com). She also edited and published the independent San Francisco newspaper "Human Future" from 1989-1997, and before that co-founded "La Mamelle," a '70s San Francisco arts publication. A graduate of Stanford University, she helped raise several humans from infancy, and is now enjoying their friendship. She currently lives in Portland, Oregon.