Yesterday death knocked at my door. Not our front door, but the door to my own room. That close.

Luckily I took a look at the last second and saw the car already beside me, so I moved the steering wheel a bit to the right, and death passed me by, inches away, at around 100 miles per hour.

I had the signal on, indicating that I was intending to move to the left; I had looked just a second before, and had seen no car approaching in either of the next two lanes; so I proceeded to turn into the next lane, and was already moving that way when I looked again and saw the car coming diagonally, about to enter my lane. Coming at me.

It was then that my reflexes acted by moving to the right and avoiding the crash (I was probably going to be hit on the driver’s side, slightly in front of the door).

Well, I got home without problems. When I arrived, Nora was at the computer.

Seeing her I imagined her receiving the call from the police to go to the hospital or the morgue, a complete change occurring where one second before “the call,” everything was “normal”.

That call would have entered her memory as something different, as a changer.

So I reflected on how sure we are of the immediate future, of the next few minutes…

Someone is here and then is no longer… and everything seemed so normal, the sun was shining, the day was beautiful, but…

Today I found a note our front door, it said: 

“Hi, I’m your next-door neighbor,  I went to see you yesterday to introduce myself but you had just left. 

“Doesn’t matter,  another time will be fine, no hurry on my part. But I will visit you.

“Meanwhile, I’d like to remind you not to leave the things you want or need to do for later. Because ‘later’ may never come. Live fully today, if possible with unity, moving away from contradiction. Help others when you can, and treat others with love and respect.

“I’m a big guy, but don’t let that scare you – I am part of life, and through me, you will encounter your Destiny. See you around…

“With love, 


A New Friend