Respect needs to be redefined. Until now it has been a hierarchical, objectal and abstract respect. Respect for elders, for institutions, things, laws, etc. Largely a forced respect. It is necessary a respect for people, for human beings, for everything living and for oneself. A respect based on the recognition that the other exists because one exists. That human existence and its environment are truly worthy of respect. From this new dimension of human respect a different society is emerging where the human being and its environment are an inseparable and loved structure that guides the future.

El respeto necesita ser redefinido. Hasta ahora ha sido un respeto jerárquico, objetal y abstracto. Respeto por los mayores, por las instituciones, las cosas, las leyes, etc. En gran parte un respeto obligado. Es necesario un respeto por las personas, por los seres humanos, por todo lo viviente y por uno mismo. Un respeto que tiene como base el reconocimiento de que el otro existe porque uno existe. Esa existencia humana y su entorno ambiental son verdaderamente dignos de respeto. De esta nueva dimensión del respeto humano una sociedad distinta se perfila en donde el ser humano y su medio ambiente son la estructura inseparable y querida que orienta el futuro.

Respect / Respeto
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Fernando Aranguiz

Fernando Aranguiz lives in Portland, Oregon. He writes from time to time. His poems, stories and a novel have been written in the last 22 years and deal with the subject of intuitions, aspirations, internal realities and the existential. They are an expression of a search that has as a general basis Siloist thought and in particular, Silo's Message.