When social and economic models fail, we have to look for different ones. The best models are those that are based on life itself. Humanity is not the digestive system of the social body. It is not only excessive consumption. It is solidarity, it is love, it is mutual respect, it is compassion and above all intention. All that we are can only manifest itself if the terrain is fertile. Current societies do not match what human beings aspire to and the need for profound change cannot be postponed.

Cuando los modelos sociales y económicos fallan hay que buscar otros. Los mejores modelos son los que están basados en la vida misma. La humanidad no es el aparato digestivo del cuerpo social. No es solo consumo desmedido. Es solidaridad, es cariño, es respeto mutuo, es compasión y por sobre todo intención. Todo eso que somos sólo puede manifestarse si el terreno es fértil. Las sociedades actuales no coinciden con lo que el ser humano aspira y la necesidad de un cambio profundo no puede ser postergado.

Models / Modelos
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Fernando Aranguiz

Fernando Aranguiz lives in Portland, Oregon. He writes from time to time. His poems, stories and a novel have been written in the last 22 years and deal with the subject of intuitions, aspirations, internal realities and the existential. They are an expression of a search that has as a general basis Siloist thought and in particular, Silo's Message.