These stories were written in the last fifteen years and in general they are about the theme of intuitions and internal realities that are not always visible, but are undoubtedly true. Truths that push us in a profound and human direction.

The old woman shut the door and within minutes she showed up again. Without saying a word she handed the envelope to Andrea and closed the door behind her without even letting Andrea thank her.

It was a small cream-colored envelope, sealed with an extraordinary seal simply showing an open eye with the inscription“Building Realities”

The eye gave Andrea a wink and there she knew with certainty that she was either about to lose her mind or to follow this thread of rarities that never seemed to end. Yes. The eye on the envelope was giving her another wink and helplessly Andrea opened it to find a small note that read: “We do not know if you’ve seen the past or the future, but undoubtedly you have something to do with this knowledge. We suggest that you return to the path that brought you to this place and try to understand the meaning of your own transformation”

Fragment of a story titled “The Park”

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The Lookout

Fernando Aranguiz

Fernando Aranguiz lives in Portland, Oregon. He writes from time to time. His poems, stories and a novel have been written in the last 22 years and deal with the subject of intuitions, aspirations, internal realities and the existential. They are an expression of a search that has as a general basis Siloist thought and in particular, Silo's Message.