Playing with randomness

on the keyboard, I search

for something recognizable,

which I can use as a jumping

off point. You have to start

somewhere, so I’ve chosen

this place and this time to begin

with Get Hihdity.


What is this thought?

What is behind this urge to write?

To use words as approximations

to get around language altogether,

to distill from randomness

the inexplicable.


How will it be?

How will it be?

Entropy descends while life ascends,

yet underneath all matter that exists

there remains something else

that also ascends whose source

is inside the human heart.


It gives birth to God and religion,

to philosophy and mysticism,

but it goes much further and

reaches beyond this Universe,

beyond death and language.

Its hints are felt deep inside,

as a whisper one can’t quite hear,

as if there is a light there,

a glowing of the heart.



Get Hihdity