From the Introduction…

Nonmeaning has accompanied me and spurred me on throughout my life.

Does life, my life, really have a meaning?

In The Meaning of Nonmeaning2 I tried to journey through the states of consciousnes that have most suffering, seeking the way out of the dark labyrinths in which meaning becomes trapped and lost. My interest was in ridding ourselves of the crudest suffering so that then we’d be able to truly ask ourselves the fundamental question about life and its meaning.

In this new book the aim is set, not now on the reconciliation of particular issues, but on accessing the experience of Meaning.

We’ll try to turn the way to approach life upside down. Until now the entire path to conquer suffering has been an arduous trek away from nonmeaning, trying to distance ourselves from it. While distancing ourselves, there was always a trap that returned us to the abyss, and once at the bottom, we’d have to start the difficult task of getting out once more so that we could leave the darkness of the consciousness and go towards the light.

We’ll position ourselves differently when facing this question. We’ll assume that life does have meaning and we’ll try to reach intuitions that facilitate this experience. In other words, if life has meaning, and affirming that it does, then we should find the way to approach it and understand its significance. If on the way we stumble upon experiences that affirm this hypothesis then we will affirm it and from there we’ll seek to approach the state of meaning. We need experiences and not only intellectual comprehensions as the latter will always fall into the field of doubt and discussion.

If we confirm this working hypothesis then the consequences will be enormous. It doesn’t matter how we may feel right now, it doesn’t matter if the world is turning upside down, or if some circumstance has us spellbound, or if our asphyxiating routine leaves us no time to stop a moment and reflect. Whatever the situation may be in which reading this book takes you by surprise, accept the hypothesis that life does have meaning, that it isn’t over with death and that everything has meaning.

If there’s something truly important in life and in the human then this something must somehow manifest itself and there must be a path to access this greatness. As our hypothesis is that this does exist, therefore it’s worthwhile seeing how to get there. It’s also valid to ask ourselves why, if there exists something so enormous and true that gives meaning to existence, is it so difficult to recognise and explain? We already know where we want to get to even if we don’t know how, or exactly what we’ll find, but with this attitude the act of searching generated in us will gather more and more strength.

Will we find something in human beings that doesn’t depend on the body? Or are we just a body?

If there is something, if something exists that doesn’t depend on the body, something that existed before and exists after the body then how can you recognise it? How can you access it?

If there is something then it must be giving off some kind of signal and we need to know how to capture it. If it’s giving off a signal, the consciousness must be somehow translating it and so it’ll be reflected in some human manifestation.

What am I being invited to know when the Oracle of Delphi spoke this ancient phrase, ‘know thyself?’ What do we have to know in order to know the future? How am I going to know myself, if I assume that I co-exist with myself? Perhaps this is the most important thing that the Oracle said. Maybe I co-exist with someone I don’t know? Could it be that very close to me there’s someone very important called ‘yourself’, ‘myself’ or ‘oneself’ who I don’t know? If there’s something in me that doesn’t die, something essential that’s there, before and after the body, it would be very interesting to know it. Dear yourself, that’s where we’re going…

I’m going to write to you from deep within myself,

Don’t flee my words so quickly.

Don’t flee if they shock you, don’t flee if they burn you.

Don’t consider that you already know what I’m telling you.

I‘ll open my heart and there are no two ways that are alike.

Follow my words, hear them within you, feel them.

I’ll travel as far as I can to get close to you.

I’ll go where few dare to go, to reach you.

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The Look of Meaning