A collection of 95 of poems ranging from the sublime to the playful, from the contemplative to the humorous.  A common thread runs through them all—a celebration of the human spirit and the natural world as one integral reality.  Some of the poems were inspired by the Poetic Opening bus tour of California organized by Isaias Nobel and Ken Dickinson. One of the poems, “Bus to Anywhere,” below, is dedicated to them, with gratitude. Their efforts motivated me to publish this volume of poems written over a ten year span. Order from Amazon…



for Isaias Nobel and Ken Dickinson


And when there’s no real need to go

anywhere, just the will to be,

drive to the coast

somewhere between Santa Cruz

and San Luis Obispo

in a bus that reads The Inner Journey

on its brow, in unassuming print,

painted with sunflowers, lotus, grape vines,

a rooster, the night sky, Green Man.


Do it on a day when the sunlight

and the breezes are in a dervish,

so that the surf is a wild gallop

of sparkle and foam.

At your other flank, the vultures

will tease their fluttering capes over

hills drunk with green.

When you spot pelicans fishing, stop.

Watch their rowdy plunges,

wings folded as if in a last desperate

prayer. Listen through the roar

for the wet slap of their bodies

meeting the ocean.

You might be hearing the distant thwack

of a poem, like wet jeans on asphalt.


Write the words on the thigh of the bus,

or on its snout, or its broad butt.

Recite them to the wind at the next

stop. Let sounds trip

off your tongue like seeds

or gadflies for the comfortable towns.

Release them, wild breakers,

to open the spirit of a country,

to pound the sleeping sand.


K. Lauren de Boer

Where It Comes From