Testimonial Comments on Silo’s Message

– from the author’s Introduction…

“These testimonial comments arose from a personal need to share my own experience and the discoveries and conclusions I have reached in working with Silo´s Message. I hope my testimony can help others use this Message as the path toward freedom from suffering for themselves and others… toward the meaning of life.

“This work is a testimonial to an experience anyone can reach if they make Silo´s Message their own. It is presented in deeply felt poems describing experiences that make up a process, followed by explanations in everyday language. The final part of this interpretation presents a short tale about this process and about The Message.

“The Message that Silo has kindly given us is a way to a life that is both coherent and transcendent. It leads us to justice, to reconciliation. Through it we can reach the Profound, ultimately unveiling the existence of a permanent Meaning that transforms life, illuminating it and breaking our enchainment to suffering. Through the Message it is also possible to reach the unmistakable personal experience of what I call ‘the Divine.'”

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Path to Awakening