by Trudi Lee Richards, Hugo Novotny and Catalina Portel

If you have ever stepped over, by chance or design, into the place where we do not die, you want nothing more than to return there: to find the door between the worlds again, to open it so everyone can pass through. This book is dedicated to that search and that opening. These are stories of connecting deeply with our innermost being, with others, with the Sacred. Many of these “experiences on the threshold” broke forth in the face of Death – when all that matters is finding and sharing relief, meaning and reconciliation. It is at times of such deep need that we often open up to something new…

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Experiences on the Threshold
Trudi Lee Richards

Trudi Lee Richards

Trudi Lee Richards, one of the poet-bards of Silo’s Message, is the author of "Ambrosia," "Confessions of Olivia"; "On Wings of Intent, a biography of Silo"; "Soft Brushes with Death"; and "Experiences on the Threshold." Exactly two of her poems have ever been published: "Fairies of the Forest," which appeared in the Palo Alto Times "Youth Said It" column in 1957, and "The Great 21st Century Poemic," which appeared in the April 2021 edition of Global Poemic ( She also edited and published the independent San Francisco newspaper "Human Future" from 1989-1997, and before that co-founded "La Mamelle," a '70s San Francisco arts publication. A graduate of Stanford University, she helped raise several humans from infancy, and is now enjoying their friendship. She currently lives in Portland, Oregon.